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Here I Go… January 3, 2010

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A new year has arrived. Heck, a new decade has arrived! In lieu of resolutions that I keep through January 15 or so (I mean you, gym membership), I’ve decided to take on a new project – blogging. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and after some input from fellow tweeps (on Twitter) and a “when are you ever going to find time to blog” comment by my husband, here I am.

What can you expect to read in this blog? You will have access to my thoughts, hopes, hassles, and frustrations as I continue on my voyage toward publication. I am constantly wondering when I’ll find the time to research agents, send out queries, go to critique groups, and begin new manuscripts. Through this blog (and the way I’m sure it will force me to keep me on track), I will not only make the time, but I will find the “Write Time” to complete all of those tasks and hopefully, the result will be encountering the “Write Time” for one of my manuscripts to be published!


4 Responses to “Here I Go…”

  1. TracyDenett Says:

    Hi Michelle! Good luck with your blog and publication! I too am a writer (literary fiction) and creating a blog. I recently joined Twitter to connect with other writers (I’m also a member of Linkedin, Facebook, and the Writers Digest Community). I’ve subscribed to your blog–mind if I follow you?

  2. Joe Craig Says:

    Congrats! Good job. Quality & consistency…

  3. Matt Says:

    Good luck Shell!

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