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Jumping In January 9, 2010

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While watching out the window as yet another snow plow flies by on a brutally cold winter’s day, I cannot help but think about summer.  I daydream about putting on shorts and tank tops, buying sunscreen, and heading to the pool.  Yet it’s another pool that has my attention recently.  It’s the publishing pool, and it’s kind of scary.

For a while note, I have been wandering around the deck, too timid to jump in.  Sure, I may have gone to the edge.  I’ve looked into the water.  I’ve even stuck my toe in.  Yikes!  Too cold (rejection #1).  Maybe if I try the shallow end.  Nope, too crowded (rejection #2).  So I’ve continued my trek around and around the pool, looking for the perfect spot to enter.

Don’t misunderstand me.  It’s a good idea to do that.  I believe in knowing what you are getting into.  Researching.  Finding out more.  I need to know the water temperature, the chlorine content, the peak hours.

But the danger is in spending so much time researching that there’s no time left to go swimming.

2010 is my year to jump in the pool.  Now, I won’t be one of those daredevils going in head first off of the high dive.  I’ll find a spot along the pool’s edge that seems to fit, strap my goggles on, and slide on in.   It may take a bit of thrashing around before I find my rhythm, and I may get splashed in the eyes once or twice, but I won’t be giving up.  Because no matter how chilly the water, how many swimmers are in the pool, or how self-conscious I feel in a swimsuit, I’ll keep trying.  Because swimming is just too much fun to give up.


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