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Having Fun! January 17, 2010

Filed under: January — michellephillips @ 8:17 pm

My adorable nephew, Tyler Phillips, always has tons of fun!

I am sitting in the family room of my house, Sunday night.  Extreme Makeover is on the TV, and my husband is flying a mini remote control helicopter around my head.  Not the ideal writing setting.  But as I dodge the four-inch wings that hover over my ear, I realize that even though it may not be ideal, it’s fun.  That’s what life should be, and that’s what writing should be.

As I blog more, I am finding that it is really easy for my personality to come through.  I was talking to my cousin the other day (Hi, Em!) who told me that she likes reading my blog because it’s funny.  My immediate reaction – “Thanks!”  My secret reaction?  1. Yay!  Someone is reading my blog.  2. Yipee!  It’s actually entertaining.

Now, I’ve never considered myself an especially funny person.  I can get a good jab or quip into conversation here and there, and I can clothe myself in sarcasm if need be, but I’m not really a joker.  Not like my husband.  Dave is a joker.  He rewrites lyrics to songs, doctors up pictures, and makes it a daily goal to make me laugh (which I appreciate).  But me?  Not so much. I just figure, if I have fun writing the blog, maybe people will enjoy reading it.

It’s like my philosophy of teaching.  I believe that children will learn more if they are having fun with what they’re learning.  And they’ll have fun if I am having fun!  When they are laughing, the lessons not only stick, but students consider school a positive experience.  I want children to feel the same way about reading.  If they can have fun while they read, laugh at the characters, then they’ll have a positive view of reading in general.  It’s the reason that I make book recommendations to students, and the reason I try my hardest to make my writing fun!


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