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Life Imitating Art February 15, 2010

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Some of my real-life sorority sisters and I!

A week or so ago, I was sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital with my family, eating a not-so-delicious meal.  We started talking about my brother’s college fraternity and the financial trouble in which they have found themselves.  My sister swallowed her bite of salad and looked at our brother.

“That’s like what happened in Shell’s novel.”

She was right.  In the novel I am currently editing, Saving Sisterhood, a young professional has to find a way to save her college sorority from losing their charter, meaning the end of the sorority, due to financial woes.  In the book, my protagonist works with her alumni association, corporation board, fellow alumnae, and current active sorority members to figure out a series of events that will (hopefully) make the sorority enough money to stay afloat.  It’s strangely similar to the situation that my brother and his fraternity are facing.

So often we hear about art imitating life, but in this case, it’s almost as though life is imitating art.  And while I am under no illusions that my writing somehow brought the situation into existence (that can be attributed to a lot of nonsensical financial management in the past), it does make me wonder.

Perhaps my next novel will be about a twenty-something woman who accomplishes her dream of publishing a book…


One Response to “Life Imitating Art”

  1. Matt Says:

    I hope your character saves the house in the end. Hopfeully that will be a good sign for me.

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