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Revision Time! March 23, 2010

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As I sat at my kitchen table, brushing the last bits of powdered sugar off of my fingers (from the delicious chocolate-covered strawberries my husband made me), I realized with a start that I haven’t blogged in awhile.  And this week is spring break – I have no excuse!  Plus, I’ve made some writing steps in the past week that truly need to be shared.

I opened an email the other day that gave me a renewed desire to revise my writing.  I’ve been communicating with a fellow Alpha Xi Delta (a sis!) who lives and works in NYC, at Writers House.  First of all, the fact that she was willing to read the work of a sister she’s never even met was awesome.  I’m terribly appreciative of the time she spent reading through the four manuscripts (or partials) that I sent her.  And not only did she read my work, but she offered feedback on each one of them.

The feedback has given me a renewed vigor to revise (Boy, I never predicted uttering those words.)!  Each manuscript has room for improvement, and I’m so lucky that she was willing to give me advice on what types of revisions could be made.  But more than simply giving me ideas of what I could do to make my writing stronger, she gave me another gift.  Hope.

As we all know, I have a bittersweet relationship with my writing confidence.  Some days, I have complete faith that finding an agent and/or publisher is days away.  Other days, I’m certain that my fifth graders produce better work.  But the suggestions from my Alpha Xi sister were paired with positive feedback as well.  She pointed out things she thought I did well, and even mentioned that one manuscript is near ready for finding agent representation.  Reading her comments, particularly when she said that she thought all of the concepts were saleable, gave me a lot of confidence.  But a concept alone won’t sell itself.  Now it’s a matter of determination.  Hard work.  Revision.  Coffee.  Those new little Ritz pretzel-cracker thingys that I’m sure make an appropriate writing snack…

Ready.  Set.  Write…


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