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Kiddos and their Ideas March 30, 2010

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This semester in my classroom, I have a student teacher.  She is wonderful, and has been teaching everything for the past three weeks.  This week, however, I begin taking subjects back from her.  The first subject I have gotten to start teaching again is writing.  Yes!  Teaching writing revitalizes me.  And it’s not even so much the lessons that I teach that give me writing energy.  It’s the students.

Once I’ve taught the mini lesson and my students have begun working on their current piece of writing, I walk around the classroom and complete the “Status of the Class.”  I write down each student’s topic and where he or she is in terms of the writing process.  And I have to tell you – I LOVE hearing these kids’ ideas!

Here’s just a sampling of their creativity:

My Teacher’s a Secret Agent

crime fighting in the city of Mini-mini-apolis (Loved that name!)

time traveling cats

Diary of a Pencil

Monkeyland 1, 2, 3, and 4 (and the follow-up series) Monkeys in the City

And that is just a smattering.  Interacting with my young writers helps me to remember that writing should be fun!  My students don’t worry about what might be able to be published or if their topic has been written about already, they write about what they know and what they enjoy.  It’s one of the valuable lessons that they teach me.  (Just don’t tell them that they’re teaching me too.  They may decide they don’t need me after all.)


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