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It’s All About the Timing June 17, 2010

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Late last week, my alma mater, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln decided (after months of curiosity and anticipation) to leave the Big Twelve Conference for our neighbor to the east, the Big Ten Conference. The Huskers will join the University of Illinois, Indiana University, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, and Wisconsin in a conference that will not only offer new opportunities in terms of rivalries and opposition, but a conference that may funnel more funding for academic research into the university. No more Texas-driven conference for us. Now we have an opportunity to show fellow football powerhouses just what the scarlet and creme is made of. As a former Husker football recruiter, I can also see this move resulting in more recruits visiting campus to see high-profile games. And for us fans? Those high-profile games? Probably going to be televised. We won’t have to shell out cash to watch the first three games on pay-per-view like we did in 2008 and 2009. It seems to me (after listening to Dr. Tom and Chancellor Perlman, and reading a lot of commentary on the topic) that this move will mean only great things for the big red. As long as we can make it through the booing and hissing we’ll have ahead of us in the interim…

Timing has also been quite an issue for us this summer while trying to plan a vacation. My husband, brother, sister, and I were first hoping to book an all-inclusive trip to an exotic location. Many evenings were spent looking online and talking with travel agents, but nothing seemed to pan out the way we hoped. When we had finally decided on the Bahamas, my husband called the travel agent and was informed that the special had expired, and would therefore cost each of us even more money. My conclusion? We’re not meant to go all-inclusive this summer.

Our decision instead – Vegas. The timing and cost of our trip will also allow my husband and I to take a fall trip to one of our favorite places – Disney World. Perhaps the all-inclusive trip didn’t work out in order to give us a chance to find a way for the two of us to stay at the resort we’ve both dreamed of – The Grand Floridian! We figured that the timing is perfect. Since we don’t have children yet, we have the luxury of staying in a place of luxury. We figured it was either now or in thirty years once our currently-nonexistent-children are all out of the larger-house-we-don’t-yet-own. You see? It’s all about the timing.

And now back to the writing aspect of timing, or the WRITE timing. My new summer goal is to set aside one day of the week to focus not on actual writing, but on contacts. Contacting agents, publishers, and other writers in order to further my writing career. After testing the publishing waters, I have realize a couple of things. 1 – I’m never going to get a publishing contract if I don’t submit my work. 2 – I’m never going to submit my work if I rewrite until it’s perfect. 3 – I’m never going to submit my work if I don’t carve out some time to research publishers and agents. I’m not sure that my writing will ever be perfect, but I have faith that I will know when it has reached a status of being strong enough to submit and (fingers crossed) receive favorable reactions.

So, to timing – in life, in writing, and in everything – here’s to you!


2 Responses to “It’s All About the Timing”

  1. Matt Mimick Says:

    Good entry Shell. I’m looking forward to Vegas but jealous I’m not going to Disney World.

  2. Carol Schutz Says:

    I just discovered this at 11pm so must try to remember to return later, or rather earlier some evening. This is so fun and really well done!!

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