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Happy (belated) Birthday! January 11, 2011

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Greetings to all of my beloved blog readers!  I’m so glad you stopped by to celebrate a belated 1st birthday for my blog.  While I actually began blogging on January 3, 2010, I waited a week to post my birthday blog.  (Didn’t want to steal the New Year’s thunder, now did I???)

For my blog’s birthday, in lieu of a “Happy Birthday” mp3 and digital candles, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite lines from a variety of my posts.  Hope you enjoy this trip through The Write Timing’s first year of life (I sure did!)…

“A new year has arrived. Heck, a new decade has arrived! In lieu of resolutions that I keep through January 15 or so (I mean you, gym membership), I’ve decided to take on a new project – blogging.”

“Without a scheduled commitment to writing, I’m in a constant state of “tomorrow writing.” My fellow writers have experienced tomorrow writing. It’s that voice in your head (I’m naming mine Shirley) that speaks up and says, “Hey, Michelle (or Jim or Rachel or whomever). You don’t need to write tonight. Just sit down and watch Grey’s Anatomy instead. Or take a bubble bath. Or bake cookies. You can always write tomorrow.” Well, guess what I told Shirley mid-December? Shut it, Shirl.”

“So, the conclusion that I have reached is this: The next time I impart a morsel of knowledge upon my class, or sigh at the choices one of them has made, I need to grab a mirror. Because I probably need to hear it, too.”

“2010 is my year to jump in the pool.  Now, I won’t be one of those daredevils going in head first off of the high dive.  I’ll find a spot along the pool’s edge that seems to fit, strap my goggles on, and slide on in.   It may take a bit of thrashing around before I find my rhythm, and I may get splashed in the eyes once or twice, but I won’t be giving up.  Because no matter how chilly the water, how many swimmers are in the pool, or how self-conscious I feel in a swimsuit, I’ll keep trying.  Because swimming is just too much fun to give up.”

“Being their teacher, I am required by law (or at least my personal philosophy of teaching) to talk and talk about the importance of editing and revising.  I tell them that their writing is never at its best the first time around.  But in my head?  In my head, I’m grinning (if not rolling my eyes at the words coming out of my mouth) because I have the same reluctance.  I would much rather start a brand new piece of writing than go back to edit and revise one that is already written.  Why?  For the simple fact that it’s hard work!”

“Whether it’s my backyard oasis or the conference room at Preco, finding spaces that are conducive to my writing has been hugely important to me this summer.  I’m hoping that these spaces will push me even farther down my path toward publication.”

“So I guess that this summer I’ve learned to look around myself even more and notice the people who could inspire characters in my writing.  And I guess what YOU should learn is that, if you know me personally, you may just find one of my characters a tad bit familiar…”

“Now, to you, 2011…

I hope that you will bring me a renewed dedication to revision.  I have many changes to make to TEAM MERRYWEATHER and hope to have the stamina and energy to complete them.

I hope to begin participating in Tweet chats to enhance my presence on Twitter and learn from the large population of writers that live in the world of Twitter.

I hope to continue blogging on a consistent basis and increase the number of people who read and enjoy my blog.

I hope to continue pursuing representation for my writing and (fingers crossed) possible secure an agent in 2011!”

It’s been a tremendous learning experience, and lots of fun, to experiment with blogging.  Thanks for stopping by to wish The Write Timing a (belated) happy 1st birthday!




One Response to “Happy (belated) Birthday!”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I just read your blog for the first time. You are a great writer! You inspire me to try. Can’t wait to read more.

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