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Book Fair Time! March 2, 2011

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It’s been a busy few weeks at school: preparing for
assessments, piles of grading, and completing report cards.
Conferences are right around the corner. And everyone knows
that when conferences are coming, their special buddy comes along,
too. The
Scholastic Book Fair!
Me: Look, Seamus. There’s
that Justin Bieber folder you said you were looking for. Seamus:
(playing along) Oh! Do they have it? Me: Right over there.
Seamus: (picks up item) No way! It’s a book – that’s
even better! Even better is right, Seamus. I’ve always loved the
book fair, ever since the time I was a little girl. It would
magically appear in some area of the school, and I would savor the
opportunity to wander through the stacks of books and select a new
book (or two, or three, or
please-Mom-can-I-have-this-one-too?) Looking through the
brightly colored covers and trying to pick just one new book was
always a challenge, especially for someone as enthralled with books
as I was. Still am. Fast forward twenty years, and not much
has changed. The book fair still appears (though now I know
it’s not by magic but terrific dedicated parent volunteers – Thanks
Samantha!) and I still find my heartbeat quicken when I see the
shelves brimming with books. Tomorrow I get to take my class down
to the book fair for their preview. Wandering through the
shelves, talking about books with them, will be the highlight of my
day – I already predict it. Some will ask for
recommendations, others will slyly jot down titles as I talk to
their classmates about certain books, and everyone will find at
least one book they want to read. From Golden Sower
to Justin Bieber autobiographies, the book fair
not only brings money into the school, but it puts quality
literature in the hands of students. And what could be better
than that??? Stay tuned for my Spring Book Fair 2011


One Response to “Book Fair Time!”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out!!! Book fair is an amazing time…and lots of fun! I have a really hard time to say no to the ‘Please mommy, just this one too!!’ I mean gosh, it’s a book!! And your tweets and blogs help immensely!! I just hope everyone enjoys it as much as you!!!

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