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A New Little Project April 9, 2011

So the other day, I was inspired.  It was a week ago, right around the time the now infamous escaped cobra from the Bronx Zoo was becoming particularly active on Twitter @BronxZoosCobra.  I was in my classroom on Friday morning, April 1.  The classroom TV was tuned (as it always is) to the Today Show, and I was cleaning the tables with Clorox Wipes to rid them of a week’s worth of 5th grade germs (As a side note, I’m always amazed and disgusted by how black the Clorox Wipes get after a few swipes of the table.  I tell myself it has to be pencil lead.  Right?  Right???)  Peter Alexander told us all about the rescue of the elusive cobra (recently named Mia), and mentioned the Twitter account that said cobra used to communicate while on the loose.  The Twitter account that has over 200,000 followers.  And that got me thinking…

Shortly after my husband and I started dating, we went on a date to Omaha’s famed Henry Doorly Zoo.  He bought me a little red stuffed crab, that I immediately decided to name Rangoon.  (Pause for smiles and chuckles…)

Since that day, Crab Rangoon has been quite busy.  I hope those of you who know me won’t think less of me when you find out that Crab Rangoon accompanies my husband and I on all of our trips.  No matter where we go, Crab Rangoon gets tossed in either a carry-on or checked piece of luggage, then gets to enjoy the city from the comfort of our hotel room.  (He once even received a ride in my purse to the Magic Kingdom, and got the chance to pose outside of the Cinderella Castle.)  I’ve been thinking for a while now about doing something with all of Crab Rangoon’s travels, but couldn’t figure out what it would be.

The Cinderella Castle makes me feel so small...

Well, I’ve decided.

I cracked my sister up when I casually mentioned it yesterday morning over Friday coffee (pre-Honeycomb Hideout, to my coffee friends).  “So, I started a Twitter account for Crab Rangoon…”

I’ve decided to focus on one city per week that Crab Rangoon has visited.  We’re beginning in Omaha (of course), the city of his birth.  Each day, Crab Rangoon will tweet about the city and ask trivia questions to his followers (Sea World Orlando is one of them!).  He will also tweet travel specials that he finds interesting or valuable, and I have a feeling he may develop a soft spot for Disney World…

He currently has 12 followers and is anxious to have more.  He wants lots of people to find out about the cities he’s visited, particularly Omaha, his home town!  If you’re already on Twitter, check him out @Crab_Rangoon.  If you’re not on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for???  Crab Rangoon needs your support!

Crustaceanally yours,

Michelle and Crab Rangoon


2 Responses to “A New Little Project”

  1. Matt Mimick Says:

    HaHa! I like this idea! And I just started following Crab Rangoon!

  2. You’d better follow him!

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