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Blessing of the Books July 6, 2011

Warning: Major idea brainstorm in session.  (This is where you picture red flashing bulbs and a deep robotic voice.)

I had a new/old idea today.  (Love it when those neurons fire!)  It came about while I was answering the phone at Preco Engineering, where my dad, brother, and husband all work.  (Friend my brother, Matt on Facebook for some hilarious posts on natural gas odorization.)  I was reading through some blogs and caught one from Adventures in Children’s Publishing that recommended a book about gifted students, written specifically for gifted students.  It’s called 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids and it’s written by Christine Fonseca.  It sounded so worthwhile, that I knew I needed to get the info out to my parents (that is, the parents of my students, not my actual parents, who by this time, would need a book called 101 Success Secrets for Gifted though Somewhat Rebellious 20-somethings).  I could have sent an email, but I decided to recommend it via my classroom Twitter account.

While thinking of cutesy names I could call this (and future) recommendations, I remembered something I did in my reading class a few years ago (not sure why I ever discontinued it – Stay tuned for its return, incoming 5th graders!) – The Blessing of the Books.  I would to select two or three books to highlight on a particular day of the week, talk a bit about them, then tap them with a star wand that made a lovely chime (I realize it’s cheesy, but hey, 5th graders sometimes enjoy cheesy).  It motivated the kids to read those books, helped kids who needed help choosing a book, and as a bonus, the kids LOVED it!  If it was a busy day and I thought I might “forget” to bless books, I was always reminded.

“Mrs. Phillips, aren’t you going to bless some books today?”

“Oh yes, Wonderful Student, of course I am!  Thanks for reminding me!”

New idea met old idea and ta da!  My classroom account @PhillipsRoom311 will now include weekly book recommendations for both students and parents.  The #BlessingoftheBooks will also resume in my reading class.  On days in which I bless books in class, parents can expect to find tweets of the books discussed in the classroom.  Other books that I’ve read and enjoyed with also be tweeted.

I have a feeling that this will result in more student-parent book talks, increased time spent reading (meaning improved comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency), and probably a few more trips to the Omaha Public Library

Do tell…

Which books that you’ve read would make it in your Blessing of the Books?


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  1. […] by one children’s book.  I’m able to find books to recommend to my students (see Blessing of the Books, which will begin next week in the classroom!) and still keep up with my book club – […]

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