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First Day Jitters July 14, 2011

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Yipee! Woo hoo! Tra-la-la!

What’s the reason for the excitement, you say?

Well, it’s because I’ve finished the revisions of my middle grade WIP!  With the exception of one small section I skipped over (didn’t want to deal with it at the time), and finding new titles for a couple of chapters, my novel is ready to be submitted.

Though I’m not yet a parent, I think this might feel a little bit like sending a child off on the their first day of school.  You pack their lunch, fill their backpack with all of the necessary supplies (Lisa Frank folders, anyone???), dress them in their freshly ironed 1st-day-of-school clothes (or uniform in my case), fix their hair, and then stand and wave as they walk into the building (or maybe you walk into the building with them, and stand and wave from the classroom door; or maybe you go into the classroom and the teacher has to force you out, whatever…).  You watch them blend into the school and you know that you’ve done everything you could to get them ready for this moment.  A tear may come to your eye as you say a quick prayer, hoping that they have a positive experience and that they’ll be successful.

It’s similar to the way I feel about this novel.  It’s been with me for five years now (strangely, the same amount of time a child is with you before entering kindergarten).  I’ve read it countless times, worked on character development and plot, setting and tone.  I’ve gotten advice from children and from professionals.  I’ve edited and revised.  And revised.  And revised some more.  And now, it’s time.

My baby is ready to be sent out into the world.

I feel hesitation and anxiety in letting it go (fear of rejection and all).  But more than anything, I feel excitement.  And hope.  I’ve always been a writer.  And I’ll continue to be, no matter what happens with this manuscript.  But it’s time for me to send my baby out into the world and see how she does.  I’ve prepared her well.  She’s looking pretty and I’ve instilled in her a sense of purpose.  I have no control over how the people she meets will respond to her, but I know I’ve done my best.  It’s time to see what she can do.


2 Responses to “First Day Jitters”

  1. Matt Mimick Says:

    That’s great! Congrat Shell! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  2. Ben Says:

    First of all, we don’t ever iron our clothes in public school, first day or not. Second, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would NEVER have the patience to write a novel. Awesome…just remember the little peeps when you’re livin large 🙂

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