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Happy Birthday to Me!!! January 3, 2012

I know what some of you are thinking:

Hold the phone.  Didn’t she just celebrate her birthday in September?

And you’re right.  Today’s not MY birthday, it’s this blog’s birthday!

Two years ago today, I began this blogging journey.  I didn’t know if I had anything worth sharing, didn’t know if anyone would care about reading what I had to write, didn’t know if I’d have enough interesting experiences and/or thoughts to keep a blog going.  Thankfully, as I wrote my first post, then my second, and so forth, I found that I actually did have thoughts and ideas worth sharing.

In the beginning, The Write Timing was focused only on writing.  I thought I needed to post multiple times within the same week.  I felt like everything I wrote had to be the best thing I’d ever wrote.  It has evolved (as we all do) and has grown into what it is today.

I don’t focus solely on writing topics anymore.  I decided that since the act of blogging IS writing, I will always live up to my blog’s name.  I quickly learned that I didn’t need to post multiple times in the course of week.  In fact, I don’t even need to post every week.  Since “timing” is also a part of my blog’s name, the timing is really up to me.  And as far as thinking everything I write has to be the best thing ever?  Well, I’ve relaxed that expectation a bit (but still strive to do well – I reread each entry multiple times before posting – I can’t change who I am after all!).  I have been able to make my blog exactly that – mine.

I still enjoy reading other people’s blogs and I have gained so much from them.  I fully admire the consistency with which Heather McCorkle blogs.  Specific week days mean specific things on Heather’s Odyssey.  If it’s Monday, I know I can expect a new installment of “Monday’s Muse.”  I am amazed by the number of contributors on Edutopia and the way that I can almost instantly apply ideas to my own classroom from Stump the Teacher.  I am amazed by the honesty and true voice of my longtime friend, Carrie Adams, on her blog, Leaving a Path.  And I totally envy the high readership (and advertising!) of a fun, girly blog I (and thousands of others) enjoy called Cupcakes and Cashmere.  But The Write Timing doesn’t need to be these other blogs.  It just needs to be.

To me, The Write Timing means sharing my hopes, my struggles, my crazy and wacky experiences.  It’s evenings spent typing away instead of curling up with a good book.  It’s a fingers-crossed wish that when I log in, I’ll see that people have actually read my post.  It’s gratitude that some readers are willing to comment (Mad props to my most frequent commenters – my brother Matt and good friend Ben!).  It’s appreciation that each of you have taken a few minutes of your time to care about what I’ve written.  It’s a friend that’s a part of me.

Happy birthday, dear friend.  Happy birthday.

Here's to another great year on The Write Timing!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!!”

  1. Happy blog birthday to you!

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