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Possibility Awaits May 24, 2012

Nothing beats a relaxing evening by the water.

Ahh, summer.

It’s a wonderful feeling – my calendar filled with barbecues, lunches with friends, and zoo outings.  The smell of charcoal, the taste of coconut-inspired drinks, and the feel of a warm breeze through the gazebo.  Impending vacations, trips to the pool, and flip flops galore.

And then there are my two favorite parts of summer – time to read and time to write.

A stack of books is just waiting to be attacked on my desk at home.  Yesterday morning, my first official day of summer break, I worked for four hours on my writing – catching up on blog-reading, upping the word count on my new middle grade fiction – JUST PAST THE HIGHWAY, and my favorite – registering for a writing camp.

As much as I love Nebraska, there tends to be a lack of writing opportunities available for authors here.  Each time I check the Nebraska page on the SCBWI website, I hope that something has been added.  Typically, I find broken links or events that happened a year prior.

This year, I have been able to find a couple of opportunities that I am really excited about!

Early this spring, I attended an author fair at the downtown branch of the Omaha Public Library.  At that fair, I met David Martin, director of the Fine Lines Summer Writing Camp.  After discussing my writing and my desire to connect with other writers, he suggested I register for this camp.  Yesterday morning, I sent in my registration form as well as a list of students I thought would benefit from the camp.  I cannot wait to attend and find out ways to improve my writing.

I have also put myself on the waiting list to attend the Nebraska Summer Writers Conference  at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I was thrilled to see a weekend session on character development, then experience a “wah-wah” feeling of disappointment when I realized that session was already full.  Fingers crossed, a spot will open up for me.

As a writer, I know that solitude is a necessary evil.  Most of my writing is done in this way, but there is something to be said about connecting with other writers.  As appreciative as I am that I’ve been able to connect through Twitter (#WritersRoad), I am missing the face-to-face connection.  I am hoping to develop some working relationships with other local writers through these summer opportunities.

I’m ready to join the playground of other Omaha-area writers and hope that this summer holds many new connections.  After all, it’s summer, and possibility awaits!


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