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Vacation at Uncle Dave and Aunt Michelle’s July 24, 2012

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This week, my writing has taken a bit of backseat.  Dave and I are hosting our newly 4-year-old nephew/godson, Jackson, while his parents travel to Minnesota.  He came over late Sunday morning and will be with us through Wednesday.  Jackson is a barrel of energy and about the most adorable thing ever.

Due to his early rising this morning (canceling my plans to work on my novel) and the question he asked 30 seconds ago (“Aunt Michelle, what are we going to do?”), this will be a very brief post.

Here we are celebrating Jackson’s birthday at the Amazing Pizza Machine!

So far, Jackson’s “vacation” has included a trip to Amazing Pizza Machine (or as Jack calls it, Mazing Mapizza Machine), cupcakes from Cupcake Island, golfing in the basement and backyard, glow stick movie night, swimming, reading books, and eating lots of fruit (watermelon is a particular favorite).

Enjoy your week – I know I will!


One Response to “Vacation at Uncle Dave and Aunt Michelle’s”

  1. Matt Says:

    Have fun!

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