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Jealousy (and Go Big Red!) September 5, 2012

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This morning, I dropped off coffee to my husband, as I do every Wednesday morning (one of the many things on the list of why I’m a great wife).  As I’ve decided this year, and referenced in a previous post, a few mornings each week, I am working on my writing.  My dad, brother, and husband all work together and Dad’s office is typically where I camp out, as he comes in a bit later than the rest of the guys. I may have to move a few odorizer quotes and a coffee mug or two out of the way, but his office is a convenient place to write early in the morning.

Today, however, Dad won’t be coming in to work.  Neither will my brother, Matt.  It’s 7:04 right now, which means they are probably going through security at the Omaha airport.  The two of them and my Aunt Pam are heading to California for the Nebraska – UCLA game this weekend.

And I’m jealous.

I am jealous for many reasons.

Reason #1 – The fam is flying into Santa Barbara, which, in my experience, is one of the loveliest cities in California.  (It’s also the setting of Psych which is one of my top five favorites TV shows.)

Reason #2 – One of my most awesome and fun cousins, Darryl, lives in Santa Barbara.  Darryl is from Canada (his family lives in Victoria, BC) but has lived in California for the past few years.  Since he lives across the country, we don’t get to see one another as often as we’d like.  And I’m jealous that Matt, Dad, and Aunt Pam will be seeing him later today.

Reason #3 – Rose Bowl Stadium.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to visit that place?  Correction, what football fan doesn’t want to visit that place?  I’ve been to one away Husker game in my life and it was last year.  In Minneapolis.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Minneapolis is a vibrant and wonderful city.  But it’s no Los Angeles.  And TCF Bank stadium is really cool, tucked right into downtown Minneapolis, but sitting in the stands, you feel a bit like you’re at a high school football game.  Seriously.  When we attended, I was so close I could have braided Kenny Bell’s hair.

My husband Dave, friend Christy, and me in front of TCF Bank stadium last October.


Reason #4 – They get to travel.  I love everything about traveling.  I love thinking about an upcoming trip, especially to a place I’ve been before.  I envision the things I’ll do when I get there.  I love putting together the outfits I think I will wear, I may wear, and I’ll need in case something goes drastically off course and there’s a freak storm in the middle of the summer (or some other such disaster).  I love packing (okay, maybe I don’t love packingbut I do get a sense of accomplishment from fitting five pairs of shoes and 12 outfits into one suitcase!).  I love going to the airport and sipping a coffee while I wait to board.  I love selecting the perfect magazine or book to read on the flight.  I love landing in a new city and the promise it holds.  I love it all!  And they’re doing it.

And I’m jealous.

Hope I’ll get a souvenir…



One Response to “Jealousy (and Go Big Red!)”

  1. Matt Says:

    You had reason to be jealous! It was a great trip, other than the result of the game that is.

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