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Pure Craziness October 17, 2012

Prepare yourselves.

I am about to write about a topic that is of great importance.  This post may very well have a direct impact on many of your lives.  My wonderful readers, you will fall into two distinct categories.

The first group will nod (knowingly) and shake your head at the perfect moments.  You will empathize and by the end, you will feel as though someone has spoken directly to your soul.

The others?  You’ll shake your head (immediately).  You’ll roll your eyes (a lot).  You may even laugh out loud.

It’s highly likely that nothing I write will change either group’s opinions.  But I’m writing about it anyway.  Because this post simply must be written.

Last night, something quite substantial occurred.  No, I’m not talking about the presidential debate.  I am talking about the tweet that I received from my friend Erin once the debate was over.  The one that told me of the latest news from People…Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have ended their engagement.

I know.  Grab your tissues.  (Roll your eyes, the rest of you.)

The Bachelor/Bachelorette series has the most atrocious track record of people actually finding true love, it’s ridiculous.  Out of 24 seasons (not including the I-know-it’s-a-hot-mess-but-I-just-can’t-turn-away debacle that is Bachelor Pad), there are only 2 couples that have actually made it to the altar.  Trista and Ryan are the perfect happy couple.  Jason and Molly (who he didn’t even choose on the show) made it and are now expecting a baby.  Ashley and JP are (fingers crossed!) going to wed in December – on live TV like everyone has been dreaming about since Jason and Molly.  Every other couple, 21 out of 24, has split.  My 5th graders could tell you that with 3/24 of couples lasting, your chances of finding “true love” are slim to none.  (They could also find equivalent fractions for your chances and convert it to a decimal.)

Yet – I cannot stop watching it.

There’s just something about it.  The hot tubs.  The out-of-this-world dates.  The “chopping block.”  The roses.  I simply love it.  Each season, I find myself sucked into the world of group dates and fantasy suites once more.  I wait all Monday to plop myself in front of the TV with a snack and my Twitter feed (you truly haven’t watched Bachelor/Bachelorette/BP until you’ve watched with #Bachelor) and I revel in every debaucherous moment.  Which is most of them.

It is the ultimate in guilty pleasures.  And even though I had high hopes for Jef and Emily, (and I was thrilled to hear Ben and Courtney finally called it quits), there is still a little bit of hope for those of us who love to watch Chris Harrison and company.  Every few years, a couple makes it through the group dates, the trips around the world, the fantasy suite, the final rose, AND through dating like a normal human being.  And we get to witness their extravagant wedding.

You’d better believe I’ll be watching JP and Ashley’s wedding.  Is 6 weeks the proper etiquette for sending viewing party invites?  Erin, I think it’s time to go cake tasting.




3 Responses to “Pure Craziness”

  1. E. Bunton Says:

    Oh my goodness! Love this post. I am of course NOT shaking my head NOR rolling my eyes. Mmmmmmm….cake.

  2. Matt Says:

    So are you saying my plan of going on a reality show to find my future wife might not work out?

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