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The Wonderful Thing(s) about Snow Days… December 20, 2012

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Knock, knock, knock. (Echoing knock; door creaks open.) “Hello? Is anyone there?”

Yes! I’m here (finally). It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged and Mother Nature has granted me an early Christmas gift – the opportunity to spend the morning blogging (and doing countless other tasks that need completing) – through her precious gift of a snow day. (On a side note, I apologize for my absence of months. I could offer a plethora of excuses, but I’ll just say “sorry” and move on.)

As a young child, I remember the excitement, the anticipation, and the overwhelming joy I experienced when I saw the message scroll across the bottom of the TV screen. School closings – Omaha Catholic. “Yes!” we would screech. My brother, sister, and I would jump up and down and envision the endless amounts of fun we’d have on our surprise day off of school. There’s no way this could be better, we’d think.

And then I became a teacher.

Snow days, if it’s possible, are just as exciting, if not even more so, for teachers. Now, don’t start judging me. Allow me to explain. As much as I love my job (I do!) and as fantastic as my students are (amazing – I’m so lucky), doing my job the way it should be done (and the way my students deserve it to be done) takes a lot, and I mean A LOT of work. And that’s fine. I’m happy to do it. Because as a teacher, you know when what you’re doing is engaging your students and when you should have spent a bit more time planning. It’s worth putting in the extra hours before school, after school, and at home. But getting a surprise day off of work? Particularly around the holidays? It’s a pretty nice surprise.

Being a planner, I can never (repeat: never) simply relax. I’m the person who can’t even watch a TV show without doing something at the same time (Ask my mom – I’ve been like this since birth. I mastered multitasking as an infant; pretty sure I could cry and squirm at the same time.). So, because of this (sick) permanent need to be busy, here is my plan for the day:

1.) Test the whole nearly-no-makeup thing and a new hairstyle inspired by Pinterest (the Princess/Kardashian bun) = check! (Though I’m not prepared to post any photos of the result.)

2.) Oatmeal, coffee, Today Show, Twitter, last minute gift ideas = check!

3.) Blog = almost check!

4.) Address Christmas cards/Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda

5.) Help hubby with driveway/shoveling (simultaneously burning calories – score!)

6.) Eat lunch (I’m thinking soup.)

7.) Wrap Christmas gifts while watching a favorite Christmas movie

8.) Read a holiday issue magazine while catching up on the final two episodes of Gossip Girl (tear…)

9.) Decide what I’ll be making for Christmas Adam (Please come back on December 23 for an explanation.)

That should take me up to dinner time! I have a wonderful day ahead of me with much to do and thankfully, a lot of time in which to do it. I wonder if I’ll have time to switch my closet to winter clothes…


2 Responses to “The Wonderful Thing(s) about Snow Days…”

  1. Ben Says:

    Sadly, we only share #’s 2, 4, and 5…and my breakfast and lunch are different, plus I shoveled solo.

    Perhaps I’ll try and get an episode of Gossip Girl in. What channel is that on?

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