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Beautiful Things March 11, 2013

Every once in a while, I like to look around and simply appreciate the beauty surrounding me.  This morning, as Mother Nature has once again blessed me with a Snow Day (and the added stress of rescheduling a major test for my students), I took the opportunity to look around my house and notice that beauty.


Certainly, the crisp white snow outside is beautiful, though not as beautiful as it was while it fell yesterday.  It was at its most beautiful around 8:30 in the morning.  As  I read the paper and perused the ads filled with brightly colored spring clothes and flip flops, it seemed odd to look out the patio door and see snow blanketing the ground.  Odd, yet beautiful.


The hutch that sits in the corner of my kitchen is filled with pink Depression glass.  I’m not sure exactly how long ago I decided to start collecting it, but at some point in my recent past (10 or so years), I did.  Though many Depression glass collectors have a particular design they collect, hoping to find multiple pieces of the same pattern, I appreciate the beauty of every one.  From the intricate adam pattern of the relish tray to the textured hobnail pattern of a plate, I love the mismatched, yet elegant look I can give a table when I set it using my Depression glass.


In the same vein as my Depression glass, every morning, I have the opportunity to observe the beauty of a coral cameo, given to me by my wonderful Uncle Tom.  I have always admired the beauty of cameos, and a few Christmases ago, Uncle Tom gave me my very own (inside an equally lovely box).  I love how a piece of jewelry, like this gorgeous cameo, can not only be beautiful when worn, but can be just as beautiful gracing the top of my dresser.


During Lent, my parish, St. Wenceslaus, has encouraged adults of the parish to read  My Life with the Saintsby James Martin, SJ.  It is part memoir, part assortment of biographies.  It is the story of how Martin has gotten to know each of the saints highlighted in the book through his life.  The royal blue rosary on top of the book was given to me by my grandpa, Frank Dolphens, upon his return from a trip to Italy and Medjugorje (with my previously mentioned Uncle Tom!)  This rosary, which was blessed, was woven through my wedding bouquet, to give my “something blue” even more meaning.


Speaking of Lent, this year, I have once again given up sweets.  Anyone who knows me well, can tell you that I have a major sweet tooth, which makes this a true sacrifice.  So, the four boxes of Girl Scout cookies hibernating in my pantry are certainly beautiful, as is the anticipation I have of finally enjoying them come Easter Sunday!


Above all, the most beautiful things in my life are the people with whom I get to enjoy it. My incredible husband Dave is so much better than I could have even imagined.  Seeing him is the very best part of every day.  My supportive parents, Mary and John Mimick, are the ultimate role models in virtually every aspect of life (marriage, teaching, hard work, faith, determination) except maybe worrying (too much, Mom!) and driving (too fast, Dad!).  I am supremely blessed to have such amazing parents.  My sister Amanda is my best friend – we have more jokes than we can remember (Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!) and are always sure to make time for each other each week (like our Friday morning coffee dates!).  She makes me laugh like crazy and is truly one of the most caring and gentle people I know.  I love so much about my brother, Matt.  He is super smart and has an inhuman ability to remember the details of everything political and sports-related, as well as almost every movie line ever spoken.  I also greatly admire how well he is able to maintain relationships.  He makes time to see his high school friends weekly (if not more often!) and keeps even longer distance friendships strong.

The Mimick Family - Disney World 2009

The Mimick Family – Disney World 2009

Combine these relationships with my awesome extended family, strong group of friends, and work colleagues I love to hang out with, and there’s no question that people are the most beautiful of all.


4 Responses to “Beautiful Things”

  1. Ben Says:

    A little sappy for me but, as always, well spoken and well written.

    As a sidebar, something isn’t right about that pic of me. I’m thinking it’s prob from a while ago. Don’t know when tho.

  2. Matt Says:

    Nice post sis. Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy the snow day.

  3. I thought you’d feel that way, Ben. 🙂 I think the pic is from Chris’s 40th birthday party – so yes, it’s a bit old!

  4. Mary Mimick Says:

    Hi, Shell–Again, you are such a good writer! And thanks for the kind words! We love you and are proud of you! Tell Ben it is not sappy!

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