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Like a Tourist June 23, 2015

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tigerBaby O and I have been making the most of our summer vacation.  A break from school means time off from lesson planning, grading papers, and pinning classroom projects (well, mostly).  The lack of those activities frees up time for other things like story time at the library, meeting friends for coffee/lunch/play dates, and outings.  Today, we met some friends at the zoo.

Now, if you’ve never been to the Omaha Zoo and Aquarium, I’m not quite sure what you’ve been waiting for.  You need to plan a trip this week.  If you don’t live in town, you need to 1.) plan a trip to Omaha, and 2.) go visit our zoo.  And there’s lots of great places to eat while you’re here.  You could even check out…nevermind.  Another post for another time.

As we walked through the aquarium today, I said, “I bet some of these people are here for the first time.  I wonder what they’re thinking about all of it.”  It’s difficult to image seeing the zoo for the first time as an Omahan, because you’ve most likely been there countless times.  If you’re like me, you grew up coming to the zoo – and dreading the long walk back up the hill by the giraffes – so it’s almost impossible to see it with new eyes.

But I tried.  (I squinted a little bit.) 🙂

I noticed the cleanliness of it.  I listened to the tram driver’s information as he passed us (Did you know Omaha has the largest salt water tank from Chicago to California?  I didn’t!).  I admired the lovely signage (provided by none other than my talented Uncle Rick of Dolphens Design and Sign).  And even though I always appreciate the zoo, today I appreciated it even more.

Which got me thinking.

Perhaps I need to look at other parts of my life “like a tourist.”  Notice the little things that make it special – make it different.

Like the trickle of the fountain in front of our house on a beautiful summer

The quick drive up to my parents’ house so my daughter can visit Grandma and Grandpa.

The freshly paved driveway at Church.

The smell of coffee coming from my favorite mug.

The library book I steal time to read while Baby O naps.

The little things.

Ahh.  I feel happier already.


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  1. Matt Says:

    Nice blog post!

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