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Poetry January 6, 2010

Earth Day Poems (Written while my 5th graders were writing their own, outside of Dundee!)

A mini cluster of trees

stands at silent attention.

They watch over a land of fun,

observing children at play.

The brilliant green family,

their limbs are prickly bristles.

A quiet sway is the only motion

in their daily dance of nature.


Bright blooms like winter

Mean the coming of the spring

Fragrance fills the air

Tree Haiku

Rough and bumpy bark

This tree has known many years

Wisdom through nature

Flowered Plant Haiku

Pretty pink teardrops

Grace the branches full of green

Nature’s ornaments

Below is the poem that I entered into a contest to win a book, The Shape of Mercy.

A husband sits upon the couch,
A frown is on his face.
For resting there on his wife’s lap
A book’s taken his place.

It’s one she has not read before,
Of love and dreams and such.
And though he tries to talk to her,
She doesn’t hear him much.

The Shape of Mercy’s like a drug,
She cannot put it down.
And since he will not read it too,
He wears an angry frown.

He grumbles and he squints his eyes,
A literary grouch.
“I hope it keeps you warm tonight
while sleeping on the couch.”

My Aunt Peg

Below is the poem that I wrote for my Aunt Peg.

When I compile my mental list
Of people that I love,
There’s Mom and Dad, my bro and sis,
Some angels up above.

My grandmas, grandpas, cousins, friends,
My husband Dave’s there, too.
But who’s the special aunt who shines?
It’s my Aunt Peg, that’s who.

A wheelchair couldn’t slow her down,
This social butterfly.
Aunt Peg makes friends with all she meets,
The girl is never shy.

A music maven’s what she is,
She has CDs galore.
There’s DVDs by her TV,
Ceramics in her drawer.

But more than what she likes and does
Is who she is inside.
A woman of great grace and strength,
And lots of Dolphens pride.

Aunt Peg’s the best prayer around,
She’s always in God’s ear.
And those of us who love Aunt Peg
Are blest to have her near.

It’s hard to choose what I love best
About my funny aunt.
Her laugh, her jokes, her cozy hugs,
To pick just one – I can’t.

Aunt Peg has taught me lessons
That I never would have learned
Of overcoming obstacles,
Respect that’s truly earned.

Through playing games, Thanksgiving feasts,
And crazy Walmart runs,
In spending time with our Aunt Peg,
We’ve been the lucky ones.

With lots of love, and many laughs,
And faith in God professing,
Sharing our lives with our Aunt Peg
Has truly been a blessing.


One Response to “Poetry”

  1. bwlight Says:

    ’tis a great motto! It’s a lovely poem too…(hate when those little details snag things!)

    Good luck publishing, I’m working toward that end as well! (My latest post is about “motto” & that’s how I found you.)

    ~ Bonnie

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