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Pregnancy and Newborn Blog Posts May 18, 2016


So here it is!  What’s been keeping me away from The Write Timing for months upon months.  I was hired for my first writing gig – blogging each week of my pregnancy for Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine’s Knocked Up blog.  Want to check out how my pregnancy went?  Here it is, in all its glory!

Week 9: Is this for real?  Like – really?

Week 10: I’ll never eat another …again

Week 11: I hear you, baby!

Week 12: Sharing our secret

Week 13: Cross your fingers…

Week 14: An ode to my husband

Week 15: For the someday parents

Week 16: Welcome back, maternity clothes!

Week 17: To gender reveal, or not to gender reveal

Week 18: Maternity must-haves

Week 19: I’m in a glass case of emotion

Week 20: Get that baby moving!

Week 21: Total lack of will power

Week 22: Oops

Week 23: The name game

Week 24: ‘Tis the season to be pregnant

Week 25: The dropsies (plus a healthy dose of emotion)

Week 26: Excuse me

Week 27: Pregnancy brain

Week 28: A farewell letter to cheese

Week 29: How about a babymoon?

Week 30: How can I possibly be this tired?

Week 31: Unexpected preview trip

Week 32: So much to do!

Week 33: Pack it up

Week 34: Tweet, little birdie

Week 35: The big E

Week 36: A pain in the butt

Week 37: Online shopping, how I love thee

Week 38:  A little click, a little crack

Week 39: Second guessing

Week 40: Five ways to keep your identity (and sanity) as a new mom



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