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Mommy, sit. January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!  2016 was a year of blessings and sadness (as most every year is), but the birth of our sweet and adorable son, Nathan, topped the list of 2016 events.  Baby Nate is a perfect addition to our family and has allowed me to shake my head when I hear others talk about what a horrible year 2016 was.  Not for me – I got sweet baby Nate!




As most of the rest of the world settles on a resolution or two, I have made some of my own.  Do I want to be healthier?  Sure.  Exercise more often?  Yep.  Stay more organized?  Uh huh.  All of these are lofty (though they shouldn’t be) goals, but they are not my tip top resolution for 2017.  That one came about with a little inspiration from my daughter, Olivia.  The day after Christmas, I was flitting from room to room, unpacking gift bags (and folding the tissue paper so as to save it for next year), opening new toys, and attempting to bring a semblance of order back to our house.  Olivia was playing with her new Beauty and the Beast tea cart and had brought Mrs. Potts, Chip, and the other tea cup to our front staircase.  She was seated about two steps up, tea service spread in front of her.  She looked up as I walked into the laundry room to drop off some new baby clothes I wanted to launder before Nate wore them (yep, I’m that mom), and smiled.  “Mommy, sit.”  She pointed to the step next to her.




I looked at my sweet 2 year-old and responded, mid-step.  “I will in a little bit, sweetie.  I’m just trying to get some of these things put away.”  I continued into the kitchen and grabbed something off the island.


Then I stopped.  What am I doing?


My daughter didn’t ask much.  She wasn’t for the world.  Nothing extraordinary or expensive.  She just wanted mommy to sit with her and play with her new toy from Santa.


So what did I do?


I sat.  We drank pretend tea and talked about how delicious it was.  She made me banana pie and I raved about its flavor.  We toasted and giggled and cuddled.  It was the best.  And it took absolutely nothing from me but time.


So the gift bags stayed packed, the tissue unfolded, the new clothes unwashed for one more day.  And it was totally worth it.


My most important, Olivia-inspired, New Year’s resolution: be more present.  The mess will be there (try as I may to clean it up).  The Facebook updates will still be scrolling.  But the time I spend with my children and my husband won’t always be there.  So I will commit to being more present in the moment in 2017.  Cheers!




Happy New Year! January 1, 2011

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Greetings and a Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope that you’ve had a chance to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 in a way that’s meaningful to you.  I spent last night with my husband, his brothers, their wives, and their children.  We had so much fun noshing on snacks galore (hello, white chocolate peppermint popcorn!) and playing Catch Phrase.  You just never know what’s going to happen while that game’s in progress…

Today I spent time ringing in the New Year with my family, went to Mass, and watched a little (okay, a lot of) football.  After I put my pjs on (at about 6:15 pm) and replaced my 2010 Mary Engelbreit calendar with the 2011 Office calendar I got my husband, I started thinking about 2010 and what the year meant for me as a writer.

2010 brought with it some new experiences in my writing.  I worked to increase my presence on Twitter.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a variety of writers through their tweets and have gotten both advice and inspiration from them.  I started this blog on January 3 (look for a 1st birthday post soon!) and have enjoyed sharing some of my writing experiences online with all of you!  I also worked diligently to edit and revise (for a second time) my middle grade novel, even bringing my students into the journey with me.  My class (who are now 6th graders) provided me with feedback and suggestions on the first few chapters of TEAM MERRYWEATHER.  One of the most exciting writing experiences that 2010 brought me was a variety of email conversations and a telephone conversation with an amazing Writers House up-and-coming agent.  She has given me confidence in my writing, as well as suggestions of ways that I can improve it to make it even stronger.  Thank you, 2010, for all that you’ve done for me!

Now, to you, 2011…

I hope that you will bring me a renewed dedication to revision.  I have many changes to make to TEAM MERRYWEATHER and hope to have the stamina and energy to complete them.

I hope to begin participating in Tweet chats to enhance my presence on Twitter and learn from the large population of writers that live in the world of Twitter.

I hope to continue blogging on a consistent basis and increase the number of people who read and enjoy my blog.

I hope to continue pursuing representation for my writing and (fingers crossed) possible secure an agent in 2011!

To all you wonderful readers, I wish you a very Happy New Year!




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